Types of Qualification Labels

Training Qualification evaluation course in Nepal (Photo: Steve Long)

The Mountain Qualification Labels  are grouped under eight categories: 
  1. Mountain Walking and Trekking (summer)
  2. Winter Mountain Walking and Snowshoeing
  3. Sport Climbing (indoor and outdoor)
  4. Rock Climbing (leader placed protection)
  5. Canyoning
  6. Ice Climbing
  7. Alpine Climbing
  8. Ski Mountaineering 
A member federation wishing to apply to a Mountain Qualification Label should provide specifications for pre-training experience, skills and knowledge. Summaries of the requirements that should be the content of the scheme being proposed for approval can be found here.

Where appropriate the Qualifications Labels may be used in combination. If the proposed scheme includes activities at high-altitude, in tropical regions or avalanche terrain, it must be used in conjunction with the relevant Additional Qualifications.