Before you apply

Step 1:


To be eligible for the UIAA Training Standards Label program, you must be a UIAA member (primary and associate) or their delegated providers with an educational program for volunteer leaders and instructors or trying to institute an education program with a robust quality assurance system.

The qualification must be specified as either a leadership or instructional qualification.

Step 2

Identify Standard for which member requires accreditation

 There are seven standards:

  • Mountain Walking and Trekking (summer)
  • Winter Mountain Walking
  • Snowshoeing, Sport Climbing (indoor and outdoor)
  • Rock Climbing (leader placed protection)
  • Ice Climbing
  • Alpine Climbing
  • Ski Mountaineering.

Step 3

Please click on the Federations member account and go to to the Training Standards tab. 
Select the application and upload necessary documents

Step 4


The Training Standards Panel chair (or another member appointed by him/her) assesses the application and will propose a UIAA validator for the chosen scheme. The UIAA office will then send an invoice for registration. Once payment is received, an agreement will be signed and the procss to begin accreditation and site visits begins.

Step 5


Dates for validation visit(s) will by mutual agreement after which the UIAA validator(s) send his/their report based on Activity Evaluation Checklist (Annex 4) to the Training Standards Panel and UIAA office. If the criteria in evaluation checklist are met, the applicant will be issued a UIAA Training Standards Laberl by the TS Administrator.

Step 6

Revalidation or termination UIAA Training Standards Label

The UIAA Training Standards Label is valid for 5 years from the date of issue after which a revalidation must take place.

Before the expiry of the Training Standards Label, a revalidation application must be completed to confirm that all compulsory elements of the qualification

scheme have been maintained. The Training Standards Panel may require an additional validation visit if significant changes are identified or reported.

If the applicant wants to terminate a Training Standards Label at the end of the current year, the Training Standards Administrator must be informed. Details of all expired or cancelled Training Standards Labels will be archived by the UIAA for ten years
Important information about withdrawal of the UIAA Training Standards Label

The UIAA Training Standards Panel reserves the right to withdraw an existing UIAA Training Standardards Label from the applicant in the following conditions:
Non - compliance: If the qualification scheme no longer meets the requirements of the relevant UIAA Training Standards or has not renewed their certificate.

Default in renewal of certificate: If the revalidation report (as mentioned
in Section 3.4.a) is not completed satisfactorily, a reminder will be sent in accordance with an agreed on time schedule.
Default in payment of fee: If the label holder has not paid the UIAA membership fee in accordance with the agreed on  time schedule.
Misuse of the UIAA Training Standards Label: If a label holder misuses the UIAA Training Standards Label in any way.
In case of a withdrawal, an appropriate notice will be published on the UIAA website. The Training Standards Label Holder will also be informed immediately in writing of any product withdrawal and the reason for the withdrawal.
All UIAA Training Standards Label Holder must pay the annual UIAA member application fee and a fee for each validation. The UIAA reserves the right to charge a registration fee to label holders to contribute to the Training Standards Work Group meeting and seminar costs by a host organization that does not exceed CHF 150.

For full details about the rights and obligations of a label holder and a dispute resolution process can be found here.