Women's Climbing Symposium United Kingdom 2014

Location: Glasgow , United Kingdom

27 September 2014

The Women's Climbing Symposium is being held at The Climbing Academy in Glasgow with some of the leading female climbers from around the world.

Participants include Hazel Findlay and Jen Randall, the only female film producer in the climbing industry, will be talk about what she has learnt along her journey and during the making of her new documentary project Mina. Also present will be Shauna Coxsey who will talk about her experiences this year becoming the first British woman to win gold climbing World Cup.

The WCS14 coaching team is made up of the most experienced female coaches in the UK. Katherine Schirrmacher, Leah Crane, Ellie Howard, Emma Twyford, Suz Dudink and Lucinda Hughes. If you purchase a full WCS ticket you will be able to sign up for 2 of the 4 one hour coaching workshops.

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