FEDME to host International Mountaineering Congress ‘CIMA2015’: Mountaineering Challenges for the XXI Century

27 Apr, 2014

Hiking in Anayet, Spain (Photo: Juan Jesús Ibáñez Martín for UIAA)

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Spanish Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (FEDME) is inviting proposals to participate, exhibit and speak at the International Congress of Mountaineering CIMA2015 scheduled to be held 26-28 March 2015 in Zaragoza, Spain.

The Congress is being organized by the Spanish FEDME and the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation (FAM) with the support of the Government of Aragon, Zaragoza City Council and the University of Zaragoza.

The overall objective of the Congress is to be a meeting place for mountaineers, researchers, professionals, businesses, administrations, mountain people and all those who are willing to reflect on, research, share experiences and discuss about the "Challenges of Mountaineering in the XXI Century.”

The programme includes keynote speeches, lectures, roundtables, oral communications, poster presentations, commercial stands, workshops, product launches and exhibitions.
Meeting topics have been organized under five thematic areas intended to cover all sporting and non-sporting aspects that make mountaineering "more than a sport”:

  • Mountaineering and Sport
  • Mountaineering and Society
  • Mountaineering and Environment
  • Mountaineering and Economic Development
  • Mountaineering:  Security and Health.

At the end of the Congress, the Declaration of Zaragoza featuring the challenges of mountaineering in the XXI century will be performed.
The acronym CIMA2015 acronym stands for the initials of the relevant words of the meeting: Congress- International-Mountaineering-Aragón.

Participants have the opportunity to climb before and after the meeting in Zaragoza and in the mountains of Aragón:  hike in the Pyrenees, climb in Riglos, snowshoe, take ski mountaineering trips and under nature interpretation and many others activities related to mountaineering

Anybody interested in participating in the event, exhibiting or taking part in round tables or being a speaker is asked to email secretarianaturaleza@fedme.es

Members of FEDME Scientific Advisory Board (Photo: Juan Jesús Ibáñez Martín for UIAA)