Festival "Europe-Asia” 2014 Russia 2014

Location: , Russia

14 July - 04 August 2014

Title: XIII international Youth Rock Climbing and Mountaineering festival "Europe-Asia” 2014

Location : Ekaterinburg– Russia and Ararat and Antalya regions - Turkey

Date: 13 July - 3 August 2014

Deadline for registration: 8 June 2014

Summary: The Festival is a sport and cultural event for young climbers. Participants are free to attend either the Russian or Turkish parts or both. Together with a cultural program, the sport program will include safety and basic bouldering skills, climbing competitions and the ascension of the Mt. Ararat. In addition, environmental activities will be organized to raise awareness of the participants about the protection of natural rocks.

Organiser: Youth Mountain Club "Voskhozhdenie” (Ekaterinburg, Russia) with the support of the UIAA Youth Commission and the Russian Mountaineering Federation.

: No specific requirements. The team is ready to work with any age and any experience of participants (no limit). After evaluating the ability of participants, they will be placed or offered various programs based on age and experience.

Key contact
: Vitaly Primerov, Tel/fax: +7 343 212-76-77 and vprimerov@mail.ru

Registration deadline: 8 June

Please click on this link and download application form and details