UIAA & Anti-Doping


Anti-doping officials do athlete outreach during competitions (Photo: Nenad Dikic)

The UIAA Anti-Doping Commission assists member associations to implement the Code and the Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure. The Anti-Doping Commission is responsible for managing the UIAA’s responsibilities for the Code including:


  • Registered Testing Pool
  • Doping Violation Procedure

The UIAA adopts and implements the World Anti-Doping (WADA) Programme in its entirety and is responsible for ensuring that all its member associations and athletes respect and comply with the Code, all relevant International Standards and all the principles inherent to the Code.

Athletes participating in UIAA approved competitions, and other competitions run by UIAA member associations, are responsible for complying with the World Anti-Doping Code ("the Code”) and all relevant International Standards. All athletes have a right to enjoy competitions that are properly organised under rules that aim to ensure fairness and prevent doping.

Member Associations are responsible for complying with the Code and the UIAA Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure. Member Associations will make agreements in writing with athletes that confirms the athletes’ support for the Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure and the other UIAA rules and regulations.

Court of Arbitration for Sport



UIAA affirms the belief of WADA & UNESCO that education is a central theme of any programme to remove doping from sports. A successful programme of Anti Doping worldwide can only be successful with adequate education of athletes and the whole sporting community. UIAA firmly believes that athletes and their support system should be well aware of all rights, obligations, Anti-Doping precautions, methods, doping control system and prohibitive substances etc. It also reiterates that athletes should be aware of consequences of doping not just in terms of doping code violations and disciplinary measures thereof, but also about the health hazards caused due to doping substances.

UIAA with help of WADA and other Anti-Doping agencies will raise awareness about Anti Doping in the mountaineering community. UIAA and its member associations are committed to provide the ideal environment for ‘fair play’ and educate every member of the mountaineering community about the harm from doping to the sport and the individual concerned.

Here you will find a number of resources published by WADA to help athletes understand the dangers and consequences of doping, as well as their responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code).


UIAA abides by the WADA standard for testing and testing procedures. All athletes affiliated with a National Federation shall be subject to In-Competition Testing by UIAA, the Athlete's National Federation, and any other Anti-Doping Organisation responsible for testing at a competition or event in which they participate. All athletes affiliated with a National Federation shall also be subject to Out-of-Competition testing at any time or place, with or without advance notice, by UIAA, WADA, the Athlete's National Federation, the National Anti-Doping Organisation of any country where the athlete is present.

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