Access Commission

Standing up from left: Milosz Jodlowski (Poland), Emin Garabhagli (Azerbaijan), Lucia Fopoli (Italy), Clare Bond (UK, past President of Access Commission) Sitting down: Jonas Paulsson, (Sweden, Secretary), Peter Farkas, (Hungary, UIAA Vice-President), Juan J. Ibáñez Martín, (President Access Commission) (Photo: Juan J. Ibáñez Martín)

About the Access Commission

The UIAA – International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation believes that everyone should be able to freely walk and climb in mountains and other areas of environmental and recreational value. But sometimes access is restricted through war, landowner restrictions or regulation.

We understand that access rights must be balanced by responsibility and care for the mountain landscape, bio- and geo-diversity and the cultures and people of the mountains.

This is why the Access Commission works with international associations, and supports our member federations and others to facilitate access to areas while being sensitive to environmental, social, legal and other considerations.

The commission will:

  • Promote the freedom to practice mountaineering and climbing in a responsible manner as a fundamental human right.
  • Provide advice, with supporting documentation, on the relationship between mountaineering and climbing and environmental, social and legal considerations.
  • Encourage best practice in harmonising access with these considerations, and support member federations in challenging inappropriate restrictions.
  • Liaise with international organisations on access and conservation issues and provide assistance, when requested, to member federations on such issues within their own countries.
  • Foster research in support of the commissions aims.
  • Provide regular articles on important issues to the UIAA Journal and other publications concerned with mountaineering and climbing issues.
  • Be present and represented at major international conference where access and conservation issues are discussed.


As confirmed by the Management Committee Zaragoza, Spain March 2015


Ibáñez Martin (President) Juan Jesús, Spain( FEDME)
Paulsson (Secretary) Jonas
, Sweeden (SKF)
Foppoli Lucia, Italy (CAI)
Jodlowski Milosz, Poland (PZA)
Saberi Hadi
, Iran (I.R.ISMF)

Corresponding Members

Asgarov Ismayil, Azerbaijan (AMF)
Bagirov Hussein, Azerbaijan
Bartle Jim
Beckers Lode Georges
, Belgium (CMBEL)
Dr. Flitcroft Catherine
, UK (BMC)
Hwang Hank ,Taipei (CTMA)
Kendall Roy, South Africa
Kolrud Helge J.
, Norway (NTK)
Onodera Hitoshi
, Japan (JMA)
Petrov Boyan
, Bulgaria (BCMF)
Queirós João Paulo
, Portugal (FCMP)
Rebolledo Pablo
, Chile (FEACH)
Senkal Nail
, Turkey (ZMD)
Stephenson Brian
, New Zealand (NZAC)

Expeditions Working Group

Barrachina Jose, Spain (FEDME)
Kiefer Ulrike
, South Africa (MCSA)
Foppoli Lucia
,  Italy (CAI)
Swaroop Anand
, India (IMF)


Bradford Kika
, Brasil
Erberlein Joerg
, Germany
Singh Soin Mandip
, India

Board Link

Farkas Peter