UIAA Youth World Championship France 2014

Location: Champagny-en-Vanoise, France

08 - 09 February 2014

Champagny-en-Vanoise, France: The 2014 World Youth Ice Climbing Championships will be held in France, the second country to host a youth event and a sign that interest in competitive ice climbing among young people continues to grow.

The decision by the UIAA Ice Climbing Commission earlier this month follows on the success of the inaugural Youth Ice Climbing World Championship event organized by the UIAA Youth Commission in 2013 in Saas Grund, Switzerland. Climbers from ten member federations participated in that event.

The French event takes places 7 – 8 February, 2014 in Champagny-en-Vanoise, followed by the European Youth Championship competition in Pontresina, Switzerland, said Urs Stoecker, president of the UIAA Ice Climbing Commission.

"The support of the youth is very important for the development of the sport," said Stoecker. "The youth competitions are a perfect playfield for future champions to gain competition experience and a winner mentality."

He said both venues provide a spectacular backdrop for the youth competitions.

Stoecker said the youth championships also encourage member federations to invest more in youth development, and plans are in place to increase the number of youth events in other countries such as the Czech Republic.

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Participants at the inaugural UIAA Youth Ice Climbing World Championships in 2013 in Saas Grund, Switzerand (Photo: UIAA)

Young spectators at the inaugural UIAA Youth Ice Climbing World Championships in 2013 in Saas Grund, Switzerland (Photo: UIAA)

Young champions at the podium in Saas Grund, Switzerland (Photo: UIAA)