Management Committee

In the shadow of Kanchenjunga

In the shadow of Kanchenjunga (Photo: UIAA)

The Management Committee came into being with the new Articles of Association on January 1, 2008. Its functions are described in the Articles of Association.

The Management Committee is responsible for implementing all the policy directives and decisions made by the General Assembly. This includes preparing the agenda for the General Assembly and the preparation of the annual accounts.

The Management Committee also makes recommendations to the General Assembly about long-term strategies for the UIAA, rules and regulations that are voted on by the General Assembly, the admission of new members, the creation and dissolution and the tasks of Commissions, the appointments of a President of each Commission upon recommendation of the Commission itself, recommendations for any proposed changes to these Articles of Association, recommendations on the terms and conditions of contracts to be concluded with third parties, membership issue and to decide the official means of information of the UIAA.

The Management Committee include the Executive Board members, representatives from the five largest member associations, one representative from each continent and three to five representatives elected by the General Assembly.


As confirmed by the General Assembly October, 2015


Executive Board

Vrijlandt Frits, (President) Netherlands
Farkas Peter, (Vice President) Hungary
Denis Hélène, (Secretary General) France
Oliveti Pier Giorgio (Treasurer) Italy
Thomas Kähr (Marketing and Communications) Switzerland
 Marc Beverly, USA


Largest Federation Representatives

Elziere Georges, France
Arran Anne, United Kingdom
Müller, Frank-Urs, Switzerland

Continental Representatives

Africa: Grobler Petronella Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa
Asia: Pae Christine, Korea
Oceania: Gray, Stuart Anthony, New Zealand
North America: Muir Peter, Canada
Europe: Foppoli Lucia, Italy
South America: open

Other Members

Torro Joan Garrigos, Spain
Kuniaki Yagihara, Japan
Chauhan (Col) H.S, India
Akinci Nejat, Turkey
Klenner Josef, Germany