Organizer Guidelines

Who can organise and apply for UIAA Global Youth Summit events?
  • A member Federation may support another country who has not yet developed a Federation or is not yet a UIAA member by providing guidance or leaders to run an event. This outreach work is followed up by guidance on UIAA membership and only if supported by a UIAA member Federation and the UIAA Youth Commission
  • The UIAA Office and the UIAA Youth Commission together and partners
  • Others under approved circumstances

All UIAA Global Youth Summit events shall be organised and undertaken in strict accordance with the relevant Federation’s regulations and UIAA Youth Commission Handbook & UIAA Youth Commission criteria and recommendations governing such events.

Once approved the National Federation or"Event organiser” and their designated leaders have responsibility for the event.

The UIAA Youth Commission and UIAA Office may on occasion appoint other responsible persons such as trainers, event organisers and partners.
Please note that for any Association of Recognised International Olympic Committee International Sports Federations (ARISF) funding of your programme or from the UIAA Youth Commission budget your application and programme must be received in the previous year to when the event is being held.
Steps to follow to apply to hold a Global Youth Summit event

1. Read the UIAA Global Youth Summit handbook

2. Read the UIAA Event organisers programme checklist

3. Design your programme and submit your application form. We are happy to offer advice on the kinds of events which prove successful

4. Consult with the GYS Co-ordinator on feedback for your programme and any other matter

5. If you application is successful you can publicise your event through us.