The UIAA: A productive weekend of meetings in Baku

The weekend of 14-15 May proved to be a busy one for the UIAA Management Committee and its Access and Mountain Protection Commissions, who all held meetings in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The Management Committee meetings were organized by FAIREX (Air and Extreme Federation of Azerbaijan). The following decisions were made and topics discussed:
  • The 2015 accounts were approved and will be recommended to the General Assembly.
  • The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. The final version will be completed in October and approved at the General Assembly in Alpenverein Südtirol, Brixen-Südtirol.
  • The 2016 interim Marketing and Communications report was presented and updates provided regarding the work of individual UIAA Commissions.
  • Preparation of the 2016 General Assembly.
  • The Management Committee approved two new Commission Presidents: Professor Claudio Melchiorri (Mountaineering Commission – his term will start in October) and Dr Carolina Adler (Mountain Protection President – her term starts now).
  • A memorudum of understanding was signed between the UIAA and Western University about collaboration on mountain research. New projects will follow.

Professor Claudio Melchiorri, profile


Claudio Melchiorri (Italian Alpine Club) succeeds Pierre Humblet (Belgian Alpine Club). Claudio brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Commission. A professor of robotic engineering and an avid climber and alpinist with several new routes to his credit, he has been heavily involved in the work of the Mountaineering Commission, spent many years teaching climbing and has a very active interest in the safety and testing of climbing equipment.

Dr Carolina Adler, profile



Dr Carolina Adler is an Environmental Scientist and Geographer, working as Research Fellow at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), based in Switzerland. Born in Chile, and growing up in Australia, she dedicated much of her recreation time to outdoor pursuits like hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering as a member of the Australian branch of the New Zealand Alpine Club, later continuing these pursuits in Switzerland. As a scientist, she actively engages in research and advocacy for responsible outdoor recreation, with teaching and project experience on topics such as sustainable development and climate change, particularly in Switzerland, the Himalayas and more recently in South America in countries that include Peru, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

The UIAA thanks FAIREX for its warm hospitality and excellent hosting of the event.