UIAA Safety Commission meets in Bergamo

The annual UIAA Safety Commission was hosted by the Club Alpino Italiano in Bergamo, Italy from 7-9 June.

The good work of the UIAA Safety Commission could not be achieved without the support and dedication of the working groups, comprising the UIAA Safety Commission experts, the safety label holders who represent leading international manufacturers and the UIAA accredited laboratories.

The two-day meeting included the findings and updates of the working groups. Among the topics discussed were anchor corrosion, avalanche shovels, avalanche probes, snow pickets, anchor bonding agents, offset cams (frictional anchors), helmet rim impact, forces on the belayer and climber, static lanyards, humidity and rope strength, hangtag requirement review, an update of CEN standards vs. UIAA, and crash pads.

The UIAA Safety Commission would like to thank the nine national delegates, UIAA honorary member Carlo Zanantoni, and the representatives of the UIAA Safety Label holders and accredited labs who attended.