Only UIAA accredited manufacturers are authorised to use the UIAA safety label logo. The UIAA is concerned about unauthorised use of its trade names and logos and takes active steps to address breaches or potential breaches of its rights. Be aware that for the purpose of climber health and safety these steps include among other procedures, a public notice system designed to alert the public about the sale of equipment that has not been approved by the UIAA.

Important: The information published in the database is believed to be accurate and up to date. However, the UIAA does not accept liability for any inadvertent error. The UIAA constantly invests in solutions to provide efficient services to its stakeholders through this feature. We solicit your support in identifying possible misuse of the UIAA Safety Label logo that are not found in the search function, by reporting them to safetylabel@theuiaa.org

In some cases the UIAA is discovering, due to the insertion into the advertising of intermediate third parties (such as resellers or distributors), that it cannot identify if the manufacturer behind the use is authorised and the alleged misuse arises by misunderstanding. Of course, should this problem arise with you as an authorised user, we advise you to contact us immediately at safetylabel@theuiaa.org in order to prevent damages and to rectify any problem. Thank you for your understanding.

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