John Ellison, a true inspiration

The UIAA is saddened to hear about the death of inspirational British climber John Ellison.

John passed away on 27 December after a four-year battle with an incurable cancer.

Following his diagnosis in 2012, John founded and spearheaded Climbers Against Cancer (CAC), raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for research in the continued fight against a disease that affects so many. The CAC logo has become an instantly recognisable emblem when encountering climbers wearing CAC t-shirts and hoodies in climbing gyms, on rock faces and mountains around the world.

John Ellison CAC

In 2014, Ellison’s efforts in the battle against cancer were recognized by the UIAA, who became a supporter of CAC. The UIAA will continue to do so in respect of Ellison’s enormous legacy.

“John was a truly amazing man”, explained UIAA President Frits Vrijlandt. “His outstanding efforts successfully united the global family of climbers and mountaineers in raising funds for research to fight cancer. He will be genuinely missed.”

Ellison once explained his reasons for the CAC’s inception: “Whilst thinking about the possibilities of ‘Climbers Against Cancer’ as an idea, I remembered the saying ‘strength in numbers’ and how the world of Climbing as a family has so much power to deliver a message across the globe.”

“If, as a group of friends, we come together and support ‘CAC’, it can help others in the future by raising awareness and funds to further research into finally finding a cure for cancer! Being open about my own predicament has helped others feel more comfortable in discussing this disease and whether talking to adults or children I have seen a huge change in attitude.”

John achieved all of this mission – uniting the international Climbing family, raising awareness about cancer and inspiring and encouraging those dealing directly with the disease.

To honour John’s legacy, please join the UIAA in continuing to support CAC.

Further information: http://www. and on the CAC Facebook page.