Progress in Nepal. KTK-BELT Studio update

In October 2015, KTK-BELT Studio became the third recipient of the UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA). Created in 2013 as a response to forest loss, habitat decrease and a drop in biodiversity, KTK-BELT is a platform for farmers, teachers, designers and environmentalists working together to build community-based biodiversity conservation strategies in the eastern region of Nepal.

Since winning the Award, the team at KTK-BELT, led by Rajeev Goyal and Priyanka Bista, have been able to invest the Award prize money in mapping existing vegetation, wildlife habitats, hazards along with planning possibilities in the Sikti conservation area. Furthermore, they are currently launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the prototype of the Vertical University concept, which will include design of 28 Learning Grounds, creation of a seed bank and training of five youth fellows to help drive long-term sustainability. To support KTK-BELT in this initiative, please find more information on their dedicated Kickstarter page.

Set up in 2013, the UIAA Mountain Protection Award is a scheme which promotes innovative projects on good mountain tourism practices and rewards outstanding initiatives from mountain stakeholders (associations and tourism agencies). It supports community-based tourism that simultaneously contributes to the conservation of ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods for local people. The winning project is selected from a wide pool of diverse nominees from around the world comprising causes ranging from energy efficiency, conservation initiatives, waste management, community activities and water conservation.

Details on the application process for the 2016 MPA Award will be posted shortly. Throughout 2016, as part of its commitment to sustainability, the UIAA will provide regular insights into the inspiring projects nominated for the Award.

The UIAA Mountain Protection Award is supported by Western University and Golden Rock.

Further details on the MPA please click here.