Honorary Members

The impressive list of UIAA Honorary Members includes characters who performed legendary feats on the world’s greatest peaks, but more importantly those who through their love and passion for climbing and mountaineering have sought to make the world a better place. From their charity work, which includes improving community infrastructures and the day to day lives of mountain people in remote places, to education programmes, through to improving climber safety and the spearheading of declarations aimed at protecting the mountain environment, the UIAA Honorary Members comprise some of the most inspirational people in the alpine world.

Honorary Members

1964 Charles-Egmond d’ARCIS (SAC)

1968 Edouard WYSS-DUNANT (SAC)

1969 Hans von BOMHARD (DAV)

1975 Ugo di VALLEPIANA (CAI)

1980 Guido TONELLA (CAI)

1983 Franz HIESS (VAVOE)

1987 Fritz WIESSNER (AAC)

1990 Jaromir WOLF (CHS)

1992 Sir Edmund HILLARY (NZAC)

1995 Walter BONATTI (CAI)

1995 Dr. Pietro SEGANTINI (SAC)

2000 Robbert LEOPOLD (NKBV)

2001 Dr. Carlo SGANZINI (SAC)

2002 Georges MOISSIDIS (EOOA)

2002 William Lowell PUTNAM (AAC)

2003 Dr. Fritz MÄRZ (DAV)




2010 Kazuo SAITO (JMA)

2012 Ang Tshering SHERPA (NMA)

2013 Claude ECKHARDT (FFCAM)

2014 Tamotsu NAKAMURA (JAC)

2016 Reinhold MESSNER (AVS)

2019 Injeong Lee (KAF)

2020 Doug Scott (BMC)

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Honorary Member Profiles

Profiles of some UIAA Honorary Members can be found below. The UIAA is working on completing the biographical information of the Honorary Members not referenced.

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