Mémento Montagne été English Release!

The popular Mémento Montagne été with the help of the Alpine Club of Canada has been translated into English. This handbook, with the support of the Petzl Foundation, was intended as a reference book for trip leaders and instructors of clubs and federations within the UIAA. It has been compiled by consultation with experts from many countries participating in the UIAA Training Standards, and has been “field-tested” on numerous courses world-wide.

We are delighted to announce that the English-language version of the Mémento Montagne été, called Alpine Skills: Summer is now available in paperback.

Alpine Skills: Summer has four modules that focus primarily on summer activities including Basic Knowledge, Alpine Hiking, Climbing and Alpinism.

The handbook price is CHF 8 (excluding delivery) and is available exclusively to UIAA member federations.  Alpine Skills: Summer is a not-for- profit Handbook and meant for distribution to leaders and instructors within the UIAA member federation family. Federations are invited to purchase quantities of this highly acclaimed handbook for distribution to students on their training courses.

If you wish to order handbooks for your federation, please contact Agnès Semelet: agnes.semelet@theuiaa.org. We recommend that you order immediately in order to avoid disappointment, as we have limited stocks.