Recalls & Warnings

A recall is a request to return to the manufacturer a batch or an entire production run of a product, usually due to the discovery of safety issues. The UIAA endeavours to maintain a listing of recalled climbing equipment including partial recalls as well as appeals for checking equipment. Use this search to find affected equipment.

Important: The information in the database is believed to be accurate and up to date; however the UIAA does not accept liability for any inadvertent error or omission. The UIAA constantly invests in solutions to provide clean and efficient service to its stakeholders through this feature. We solicit your support in identifying Recalls that are not found in the search function, by reporting them.

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UIAA Recalls Database 2009-2023


Issue Date
20/07/2023Wire ChocksSuperlight RocksSalewa
14/03/2023RopesTENDON Master Pro 9,2 mm, CSTendon
23/03/2023Recon LT Avalanche TransceiverBlack Diamond
17/02/2023Shovel locking mechanismAlugator Ride 3.0 Hoe and the Alugator Ride SE (as part of the Barryvox packages)Mammut
13/02/2023Superlight RocksNos. 1-6Wild Country
09/01/2023Pulleys & VariantsOmni 1.1 Rock Exotica
12/11/2022AvabagLiTRIC™ SYSTEMOrtovox
02/11/2022 Compact Swivel UnitsDirector connector (A647BS)DMM
25/05/2022Via Ferrata SetCapturOcun
25/04/2022Avalanche TransceiversVariousPieps/Black Diamond
22/03/2022Park TrolleysTRAC CLUBPetzl
18/04/2022BoltsScrew gate D-ring boltsEdelrid
15/11/2021LanyardSCORPIO EASHOOK (L060BA00) lanyardsPetzl
06/07/2021Rope ClampTract UpBeal
15/04/2021DSP avalanche transceiversDSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE and DSP SPORT Pieps DSP
07/04/2021Maillion Rapide 8mm Standard Zincplated steelEN 362 / EN 12275Peguet
02/04/2021Quick Links Maillon Rapide 8mm Péguet
02/03/2021Fall arrester Easy SpeedClimbing Technology
11/03/2021Ring Pitons and V-Ring Pitonsart 417, art 418 Salewa
16/02/2021Inspection KineticFirst Generation Edelweiss
10/02/2021Birdie1st GenerationBeal
06/11/2020AirbagAirbag 3.0Mammut
03/11/2020Via Ferrata - lanyardVitalinkDecathlon - Simond
23/09/2020Harness Sam 2.0Skylotec
21/07/2020Low-stretch kernmantle ropesVariousPetzl
22/01/2020Helmet Mulaz, SkylineLa Sportiva
21/10/2019Swivel body NexusDMM
21/10/2019Auto Belay DevicePerfect Descent™ Auto Belay Model 220C3 Manufacturing
04/07/2019CarabinersSchraubkarabiner RockySimond
March 2019Via FerrataTorq 2Ocun
25/02/2019Backup deviceSicherungsgerät Toucan LightSimond
10/01/2019Via FerrataDynamaxRock Empire
30/08/2018QuickdrawsDuraDraw Omega Pacific
17/07/2018CarabinersHMS Bulletproof Triple / Triple FG Edelrid
25/05/2018Via Ferrata sets, SKYSAFE carabinersSKYSAFESkylotec
14/05/2018Avalanche transceiver 3+Ortovox
13/03/2018Avalanche airbag rucksacksJetforce Pieps
04/12/2017 Ski bootsSkitourenArc'teryx
04/12/2017CarabinersG-First Omega Pacific
21/11/2017CarabinersG-First Omega Pacific
07/11/2017PLX Bolt tabsFixe
18/10/2017CarabinersG-First Omega Pacific
16/05/2017Backup deviceVergoTrango
31/03/2017Camming devicesFriends 2, 3 & 4 Wild Country
18/10/2016Second generation DAV ringsDAV
30/08/2016Climbing Harnesses Recalled Due to Fall HazardWild Country
17/08/2016Li-Ion charger Wiesel V4Lupine
29/06/2016Ice AxeTour Lite TelescopeStubai
20/06/2016HarnessSyncro Wild Country
13/04/2016Camming devicesCAMALOT™ & CAMALOT™ ULTRALIGHTS Black Diamond
13/04/2016Camming devicesCAMALOT™ & CAMALOT™ ULTRALIGHTS Black Diamond
13/04/2016Via Ferrata LanyardsEasy Rider & Iron Cruiser Black Diamond
13/04/2016Via Ferrata lanyard setsEasy Rider and Iron Cruiser Black Diamond
13/04/2016AscendersIndex Black Diamond
13/04/2016AscendersIndex Black Diamond
26/02/2016BucklesCobra Austrialpin
26/02/2016BucklesCobra Skylotec
04/02/2016Carabiners and QuickdrawsBlack Diamond
04/02/2016Nylon RunnersBlack Diamond
21/10/2015Avalanche transceiver S1+Ortovox
14/07/2015Via ferrata setsSkysafe II Skylotec
13/07/2015Avalance airbag backpacksPilot 11 JetForce, Halo 28 JetForce and Saga 40 JetForce Pieps
13/07/2015Avalanche airbag rucksacksJetForce Tour Rider 24 and JetForce Tour Pro 34 Pieps
13/07/2015Avalanche airbag rucksackThorax 11 POC
18/02/2015CramponsNevis, Nuptse Classic, Nuptse Semiautomatic, Nuptse Evo Classic, Nuptse Evo SemiautomaticClimbing Technology
10/02/2015Via ferrata setsSkysafe II Skylotec
05/02/2015Dangerous cramponsGeneral Warning
26/01/2015CarabinersBall-Lock Petzl
06/01/2015Avalanche airbag backpacksABS
18/11/2014Ski PolesWhippet and Carbon Whippet Black Diamond
08/10/2014Avalanche airbag backpacksABS
20/01/2014Column retriever rescue deviceRescYouMammut
18/12/2013Straight and bent gate karabiners and quickdrawsRocky Simond
07/10/2013NutsRocks and anodised RocksWild Country
30/04/2013Rope friction via ferrata setsSinging Rock
26/02/2013Via ferrata setsGeneral Warning
10/12/2012Carabiner and quickdrawsHelium Wild Country
21/10/2012Via ferrata setsMultiple brands
08/10/2012CarabinersQuik-Loks and Quik-Loks with Captive Eye Omega Pacific
17/09/2012UIAA issues warning over via ferrata setsVarious
05/09/2012CarabinersHelium Wild Country
31/08/2012Via ferrata setEASY GO XP Singing Rock
21/08/2012Via ferrata setEdelrid
08/06/2012CarabinersQuik-Loks and Quik-Loks with Captive Eye Omega Pacific
21/08/2011Belay deviceGriGri 2 Petzl
25/05/2011Via ferrata lanyardsScorpio Petzl
29/03/2011Snow anchor (Deadman type) Fixe
29/03/2011Snow picket (Stake type)Fixe
11/03/2011Camming DeviceDragon 4 & 5 DMM
17/02/2011Counterfeit copies of Petzl equipmentPetzl
16/02/2011Camming DeviceDragon 4 & 5 DMM
24/01/2011Camming DeviceDragon 6 DMM
05/01/2011Ice toolsNomic and Ergo Petzl
10/12/2010Avalance airbag backpacks AvaLung Black Diamond
19/10/2010StovesNova and Optimus Nova+ Multifuel Expedition Optimus
14/10/2010Camming DeviceDragon 6DMM
24/09/2010Camming DeviceDragon 6DMM
23/07/2010Camming DeviceDragon 6DMM
25/11/2009Via Ferrata Y-sling setsMammut
08/01/2009StovesPersonal Cooking System and Group Cooking System Jetboil