The Mountaineering & Climbing Association of Georgia and Club Mountain Traveller (CMT) is pleased to invite young members of UIAA Associations to this year’s international youth “Mountaineering School” in Georgia. The event forms part of the UIAA’s Global Youth Series.

The full programme and details on how to register can be found here.

23 – 30 July (exact dates may be changed by 1-2 days depending on flight availability but any changes will be displayed as soon as possible)

Kazbek Gorge Mountains– Georgia


Experienced instructors from the Mountaineering & Climbing Association of Georgia

Young people aged 16 years and over. If under 18 to be accompanied by a qualified federation Leader. Parental consent must be obtained for under 18s

230 EUR for eight days for the entire programme, payment on arrival. For those who wish a bank transfer is possible

Mountain clothes for high altitude, cold and windy weather including: mountain boots, sleeping bag, ice axe, helmet, harness, crampons, sun glasses, gloves, hat, navigation equipment/GPS etc. camera, personal first aid kit, waterproofs. Contact us if you need more advice on equipment and you can, also, ask your mountaineering federation’s advice.

Mission statement:
Our purpose is to organise a joint international youth mountaineering camp. The Georgian Mountaineering Federation (MCAG) is your host and we welcome young mountaineers from international Federations coming to this camp to try Mt Kazbek with friendship, mutual respect and mutual understanding.

Most importantly, the main purpose is to have a safe ascent and for all participants to return home healthy as when they left – or more so. The second purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual respect, a situation where all care about each other, help each other and put personal interests in the background. Third is to make a successful ascent.